We’ve got something to cheer up you’re at home workouts!

To help support you with your fitness goals at home, we are sending Town Place Fitness members a free workout band.

We miss you and want to stay connected so we are sending you a little gift to help keep you motivated and let you know we are here for you.

To order your free band simply email our friend Patty at Power Systems, at pdaugherty@power-systems.com

In your email provide the following:

  • Your Name:
  • Your Address (where you want the band sent):
  • Your Agreement #: (You can find your agreement number on the contract that was emailed to you when you joined. If you need assistance email tyler@townplacefitness.com )

We will be adding workouts that incorporate the band to our Facebook , YouTube and Instagram and website.

Please order your band by this Friday, April 10th. We have pre-purchased a bulk order of medium size bands, this offer is valid while supplies last.