Meet the Group Fitness Team

At Town Place Fitness, we strive to provide the best classes in Pittsburgh! We have an awesome team that will ensure you get the workout that you need and push you towards your fitness goals. We are here to coach you safely through our workouts while motivating and educating. Let our music, moves, energy and enthusiasm keep you inspired! Here’s our team:

Cynthia G Bio


Busy working new mom, I believe that finding time for yourself and your health is very important. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and becoming a stronger version of myself is my motto. I wanted to share my passion for working out with others and I became a P90X Live Instructor in June 2019. When I am not at the gym, I’m in search of my next travel destination or trying new recipes in my kitchen
Gina G Bio


I have been a fitness instructor since 2003. My first love and the first format I ever taught is cardio kickboxing because it is a full-body workout and it’s fun!! I have been certified in Turbokick since 2005 and BodyCombat since 2013. I also love strength classes because they help build lean muscle mass, and have been certified in BodyPump since 2010. I got certified in BeachBody insanity in 2016 because I love HIIT training and in P90X in 2017 because it’s a great combination of strength and HIIT. I’m the “weekend girl” at Town Place Fitness, so if you want to work out on the weekends, join me!
Janice G Bio


Janice Geniviva has been in the fitness industry for over thirty years. She has been a Les Mills Body Pump Instructor for 22 years (since release #3), Body Flow for 20 years (since release #18), and is AFAA certified. As an avid cyclist and hiker, she believes that leading an active, fit lifestyle is the “fountain of youth”.
Kim G Bio


I began my fitness instructor journey in 2011 when I became certified in Zumba Fitness. After taking a few classes at my local gym, I quickly came to realize that wow, working out was fun, I want to spread the good news! I watched and was completely in awe as a couple of my classmates used Zumba Fitness to contribute toward their 100+ pound weight loss. I continued on to gain a certification in both Zumba Toning and Zumba Kids. In 2017, I was presented with the opportunity to try something new, Soulbody Barre Unhitched. Love, love, love the variety it presents and have seen awesome results personally and have thoroughly enjoyed watching my instructees become stronger and stronger every day! Come join me in the fun!
Roger G Bio


I've been a group fitness instructor since 2016; certified in Body Pump, Body Combat and AFAA/NASM Group Fitness. At Town Place Fitness I teach Body Pump, Body Combat, and Bootcamp. Everything can be catered to your own fitness level so no reason to fear. Come join, build a sweat, feel the burn and have fun. Having fun is my main philosophy for class.
Naime G Bio


I have been Yoga 200 hr certified since Summer 2019. My classes are slow, restorative and meditative. In my spare time, I love to read, go on walks and work out.
Chrystal G Bio


Former AFAA Personal Trainer, Aqua Instructor, and Cycling Instructor.  I started teaching cycling in 2014 and then became a personal trainer.   I took a couple of years off to pursue other interests.  After taking Les Mills classes at Town Place Fitness, I realized how much I missed teaching.  I am an NPC Fitness competitor and a former endurance runner.  My Sprint classes are all about getting it done while continuing to push your personal best.  My motto in my classes is "Start hard and finish harder."  I will be there to push you, coach you and cheer you on!
Tasha G Bio


Meet Tasha. Tasha has a very diverse background with health and wellness. She is a certified medical health coach, personal trainer rehabilitative specialist for pain management and group fitness instructor. Tasha also has an extensive background in emergency medicine for the past 22 years. Tasha is an advanced instructor with Les Mills International and has been teaching with Les Mills since 2012. Teaching formats of Body Pump, Body Combat and GRIT she is also certified in Insanity LIVE as well as U-Jam World of Dance. Tasha has recently moved to the Pittsburgh area from Sacramento, California and is delivering a different vibe to the region straight from the west coast. Working for the U.S. Navy Department of Defense in San Diego, CA, providing our men and women who serve personal training, group fitness sessions and customized programs to get them physically ready for deployments, her background is sure to help any fitness level reach the goals they are working towards.
Cassie E G Bio

Cassie E

I have been CXWORX certified since 2016. I push people to challenge their limits while still having fun, with the goal of lifting others around me higher. I’m currently getting my Ph.D. at Carnegie Mellon University and I study how physical activity improves brain development in children! I advocate for exercise at all ages and believe it’s important for both mental and physical well-being.
Kari G Bio


Kari has been a Les Mills Sprint instructor since 2017 and a Les Mills BodyFlow instructor since 2018! In her Sprint classes, she will push you to find your limits and push past them. In her BodyFlow class, she will help you find your strength, balance, and length. Kari always will tell her classes that a flexible muscle has the greatest strength potential, and that flexibility and strength are a journey - but you have to start! No matter the format, Kari will encourage you to listen to your body and give it what it needs, be that a good, hard kick in the butt, or a little more time for breath! In her spare time, you’ll find her exploring Pittsburgh’s restaurants, experimenting on healthy recipes at home or just hanging out with her boyfriend on the deck!
Niki G Bio


Certifications: Group Fitness Instructor AAFA certified since 2015. Certified in Cycle and CXWorx since 2015, Body Pump since 2016 and Sprint since 2017. I spent a year as CycleStar in 2018 but decided the gym was my home. I've been teaching cycle since 2015 - it was the first group exercise class I ever taught. After my first class, I was addicted. I LOVE music and putting together playlists. For me, class is all about the tempo and beats. When you have great music to ride to, it makes the work so much easier. And, I like to put in work with everyone else! My rides are usually a combination of heavy pushes and sprints and almost every song has a few efforts to challenge your legs and endurance. You can be sure to get a massive burn in any one of my classes!
Leigh Ann G Bio

Leigh Ann

Leigh Ann often says that training with Ana Forrest is the best decision she has ever made. Since then, she has completed 5 additional teacher trainings and taught more than 6,000 hours of classes. Yoga has permeated all aspects of her life, and teaching has become her passion. Leigh Ann practices and teaches yoga as a tool for building awareness and health. She is a firm believer that classes with chairs and classes with handstands are equally valuable, and that each person’s body is different. Expect precise cues, intelligent sequencing, and a lightheartedness not normally associated with yoga.
Ashlee G Bio


I’m 36 years old and have been a licensed Zumba instructor since 2013. I also hold my ACE Group Fitness Certification and am also licensed to teach Strong by Zumba (2016) and Zumba Toning (2016). Zumba is my passion and I’m so lucky to be able to share it with so many people across the Pittsburgh area. I love how Zumba brings people together and is an hour just to let loose, feel sexy, healthy and carefree. Strong by Zumba holds a special place in my heart because it allows you to still let loose but also be fierce and powerful! In my classes, we leave our problems and stress at the door and as soon as the music starts we are all in our ‘zone’! I truly believe Zumba has some of the best fitness formats out there and welcome EVERYONE to try a class as I’ve seen so many folks who found it difficult to stick with a fitness routine turn into a Zumba fanatic and see real results!
Kailey G Bio


I have been a Beachbody fitness instructor since 2015. I am certified in Insanity, PiYo, and P90X. I have always had a huge passion for the group fitness setting - there is just something so special about awesome music, new and exciting moves and an energetic room full of people with the same goal - to get better!! My classes are typically upbeat and fun and I will always push you to be your best, no matter your fitness level. I strive to make each person who walks into my class to feel empowered, engaged and confident. I want you to leave sweaty, but most importantly happy! I am also a nurse practitioner and love to read, go to the beach and spend time with my family in my spare time.
Caroline G Bio


I have been certified in Cycle Fusion, Les Mills BodyPump, and Zumba since 2017 and P90X since 2016! My cycle rides are high intensity and on the beat so think of it as a big dance party! I love HIIT and use a wide array of music to create an atmosphere where you can get down, sweat, and leave your worries at the door. In all of my classes, I encourage my students to dig deep to get out of their comfort zone and good form is a priority. Outside of the gym, I am a professional singer/actor and personal stylist. I have two cats, Liza Meownelli and Leonard Berstein and in my free time, I am usually hanging out with them and watching scary movies. Find me on Instagram @caroline.nicolian
Elizabeth G Bio


I have been teaching group exercise since 2015. Group exercise brings people together and I enjoy seeing connections that are made through sweating together. You can catch me teaching CX Worx and P90X, but I have been known to sub for just about anything! In my classes, expect to be challenged, but also modifications suitable for all levels. When not at the gym, I enjoy crafts and watching Hallmark Movies.
Kamini G Bio


Kamini has been a fitness instructor since 2006. A LesMills junkie, Kamini is certified in BodyPump, BodyCombat, BodyStep and BodyJam. Kamini is a sports enthusiast. If she is not with her family and friends, you will find her watching sports or attending sporting events.
Cassie G Bio


I have been cycle certified since 2016. My classes are built around building endurance and strength with great playlists featuring all genres of music. Off the bike, you may see me running around Pittsburgh training for my next marathon. I bring passion to every class I teach and look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals!
Lee G Bio


I've been certified in Cycle and Les Mills Sprint since 2016, INSANITY since 2017, and P90X since 2018. I really enjoy group fitness and all the variety it encompasses. Each class is different and I love meeting new people. I strive to encourage and push my participants to their maximum potential whether it's a power interval in Sprint, a drop set in P90X, or plyometric lunges in INSANITY.
April G Bio


I love the Town Place Fitness community! Full of people that challenge themselves physically and mentally motivates and inspires me to continue to encourage their growth and seek their fullest potential. I fell in love with fitness at a young age playing a variety of sports including gymnastics, softball, track, and cross-country. I was also obsessed with group fitness so decided to become a Group Fitness Instructor. I especially love Les Mills programs and am certified in Body Pump, Body Combat and Sprint. In addition to teaching group fitness, I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Dietitian, and Certified Diabetes Educator. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, love football and anything outdoors!
Maria G Bio


I’ve been certified in BodyPump since 2015. I’ve been certified in Sprint since 2017. Before I was a certified instructor, I attended group fitness classes daily. I felt they always gave me the push and motivation I needed, but I also had fun and met incredible people. Going to group fitness for many years gave me the confidence I needed to get certified myself and it was the best decision I ever made. It’s amazing how many different and great people I’ve met along the way.
Wendy G Bio


I'm an experienced group fitness instructor since 2001 and hold certifications in: AFAA/NASM, BodyPump, BodyCombat, BodyStep, BodyFlow, BodyJam, BodyAttack, and SoulBody Barre Unhitched. Attend one of my classes, you'll experience my passion and enthusiasm while getting a fun, fulfilling workout. When not teaching, I'm an active mother of two and enjoy spending time with my family or volunteering at their school.
Lauren G Bio


Lauren certified to become a Les Mills instructor in 2012 after falling in love with Group Ex taking Les Mills classes for years. She is currently certified in Les Mills BodyPump, BodyAttack, Sprint, and GRIT as well as having an AFAA certification for Group Ex.
Bilean G Bio


I have been a Group Fitness Instructor for more than a decade, teaching Core, Boot Camp, Barre Above and Indoor Cycling. I am CPR-AED, AFAA, Cycling Fusion, G.E.A.R Indoor Cyclingand Barre Above Certified. I believe in fitness as an integral component of a balanced life. I am committed to helping members find that balance by helping them reach their fitness goals through encouragement and positive reinforcement. My classes are strong, energetic and motivating. I love the Sunshine and enjoy outdoor activities, such as Biking and Hiking. I believe to be “Solar Powered”.
Shannon G Bio


I teach Body Pump and have been certified since 2014. Body Pump, as the name implies, gets your body moving with weights, repetition, and great music! I’ll guide you through the workouts, all levels, beginners through advanced. You will love the results, and you will leave looking and feeling great!
Emily G Bio


My name is Emily Jeffries, and I’m so excited to be a group exercise instructor at Town Place Fitness! I am a pre-professional dancer at Point Park University, and I have been a group exercise instructor for a number of years now. I love to share my passion for fitness with the city of Pittsburgh, it’s been a dream come true! I also love making personal connections with the members; seeing familiar and new faces in my classes every week makes me smile! I’m looking forward to meeting you soon, come join in on the fun at Town Place Fitness!