It’s Better With Friends

It’s Better With Friends

Sometimes it’s nice to throw the headphones on, turn the music up high, and shut out the world for an hour while we throw some weights around. But is there anything better than working out with a friend?

It can be really easy to get stuck in a rut, doing the same routine over and over again. This not only sucks out all of our motivation, it affects us physically because our body adapts to what we’re doing, which is going to inhibit results. Bring a friend along with you to your next workout, so he or she can throw in fresh new ideas or moves to keep the workouts invigorating and effective. Or share your struggles with a friend, who may have experienced something similar and could share a different perspective.

Working out with a friend holds us accountable. We are way less likely to hit snooze on the alarm or curl up on the couch after work if we know our BFF is waiting for us at the squat rack. Or saving our spot in BODYPUMP. Not to mention, have you ever had a friend push you harder than you would have pushed yourself? You might achieve better results with someone cheering you on every step of the way or convincing you to smash a heavier weight.

So, what if your friends are more the crack open a bottle of wine and watch The Bachelor for the thousandth season type? Nothing wrong with that! Thankfully, a gym is a great place to make new friends. Ask someone in a group ex class if they ever want to hit the floor or tap the guy next to you on the bench press for a spot. Making adult friendships is a hard thing to do; but you already know you have a common love for fitness to start things off.

Or maybe this is the perfect opportunity to create some new habits for your Bachelor Nation friends. Instead of getting together for rose ceremonies, suggest trying a new class or testing out the workout you pulled off Instagram. Catch up on life with a little sweat, and if there’s time, hit the drinks afterwards. Not only does this save a few calories, it also can help cut back on the entertainment budget. Speaking of finances…

One of the best, most underrated reasons to work out with a friend is financial savings. If you’ve ever been interested in personal training but couldn’t afford the investment, get a friend to train with you. It’s more fun and significantly more cost effective, while still getting the personal attention of a trainer.

So, before you text your friend to meet up for a few beers, think about changing up the routine and hitting Town Place Fitness instead. There’s always time for beers after leg day!

This is the perfect time to invite your friends to workout with you! We are hosting an Open House February 10th-16th! Invite your friends, family and co-workers to come see the new Town Place Fitness. They can try the club for FREE during Open House.

During Open House week we will have the following Special Classes:
Tuesday 2/11 at 12:15pm Movie Songs Theme Cycle Class
Wednesday 2/13 at 11:30am HIIT Preview Class
Thursday 2/13 at 12:15pm  Self Care Yoga Class
Friday 2/14 all day Clementines will be given out in all group fitness classes!
Saturday 2/15 at 11am – Come to Zumba and then enjoy chocolates, truffles, strawberries & refreshments!

Pick up Open House Guest Passes at the front desk or refer a friend here and we will invite them for you.


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